The advent of Web3 and decentralised technologies has sent us, like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit-hole into a strange new world with unusual rules and even more unusual inhabitants.
In recognition of history repeating itself, these works are framed in the visual trappings of the 1990s & 2000s dotcom bubble.
‘Down the Rabbit-Hole’ is about initial discovery. Alice tumbles down the rabbit-hole, eyes full of wonder, and unsure of how she will ever get out again. Time and gravity behave in strange ways, and we do not yet know the possibilities or the dangers of this new realm.

‘Eat Me’ depicts the first act Alice makes in her new environment - eating & drinking. In English folklore, eating food of the fae will force you to stay in their domain forever. You cease to hunger for human food. Online, information & ideology can have a similar effect.

In ‘Advice From a Caterpillar’, Alice encounters her first of two authority figures. The Caterpillar is an informal authority whose power is self-actualised. He persistently interrupts Alice with harsh judgements, and considers these interruptions an act of beneficence.

‘Off With Her Head’ depicts Alice’s encounter with a formal authority. The Queen of Hearts uses legitimised destruction as a means of control. Any obstacle to her goals immediately becomes a target for complete erasure.  In the Queen of Heart’s domain, there are only two states of being: total conformity to her vision, or annihilation.

‘Which Dreamed It?’ depicts Alice at the end of her adventures, in the liminal space between asleep and awake. In the book, she debates with her cat about whether her dream of Wonderland was her own, a dream of the Red King’s imagination, or somehow simultaneously both.
We too exist in a liminal space between online & offline, unable to claim total understanding of our part in other’s experiences. Online activity, centralised or decentralised, is an objective record of events yet also an endless fractal of subjective human interactions.
The collection debuted at the Liquid Energy event at the Richard Dixon Poneke in June 2021. Also featured at FLASHREKT DURING NiftyPride 2021.
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